Accents occur naturally when speaking any language, so everyone speaks with an accent of some sort. There are regional variations in the way English is spoken within Australia and there are variations in the way a person speaks English if it is their second language. In our global world people move from place to place or country to country taking the way they speak English with them and Canberra is no exception.

Canberra Speech Therapy believes that no one accent is better than another and that having an accent does not mean you have a communication disorder. However, if you wish to change the way you sound when speaking to sound more like your work colleagues or fellow students, or simply to be understood more easily in your day to day life, Canberra Speech Therapy can assist you.

Accent modification, or pronunciation training, is a systematic way of changing the way you sound when speaking English. It involves analysis of a client’s pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and stress patterns.

Based on an assessment of your speech, Canberra Speech Therapy designs individual and specific programs tailored to your speaking needs.

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